The third edition of the Dublin Steroid Cancer Conference will be held in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2022. Full details and dates to be announced. It promises to be an excellent programme once again.

Dublin Steroid Cancer Conference 2022 – DRAFT AGENDA
Chairs: Leonie Young (RCSI), Donald P McDonnell (Duke University), Damir Varešlija (RCSI)

Wednesday 19th October

Keynote Session: Donald P McDonnell (Duke University, USA)

Thursday 20th October

Tumour Heterogeneity and Tumour Microenvironment

Mohamed Bentires-Alj (University of Basal, Switzerland)

Erik Nelson (University of Illinois, USA). 

Manuel Valiente (CNIOS Madrid, Spain)

Genome Function and Advanced Cancer

Adrian Lee (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Wilbert Zwart (NKI, Netherlands)

Simak Ali (Imperial College, UK)

Francesca Demichelis (University of Trento, Italy)

Receptor Dysregulation – Therapeutic Challenges and Opportunities

Teresa Hickey (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Steffi Oesterreich (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Myles Brown (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, USA)

Charlotte Bevan (Imperial College London, UK)

Geof Greene (University of Chicago, USA)

Scott Dehm (University of Minnesota, US)

Friday 21st October

Cancer Genetics and Clinical Interventions

Judy Garber (D ana Farber Cancer Institute, US )

Fergus Couch (Mayo Clinic, US)

Carlo Palmieri (University of Liverpool, UK)

Aberrations in Chromatin Modifying Proteins

Jason Carroll (Cambridge, UK)

Wayne Tilley (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Felix Feng (University of California, USA)

Breast Cancer Ireland Young Investigator Session
To be selected from abstracts

Tumour Adaptability and Epigenetics

Robert Clarke (University of Manchester, UK)

Maria dM Vivanco (CIC bioGUNE, Spain)

Suzanne Conzen (UT South-Western, USA)

Luca Magnani (Imperial College London, UK)