We are thankful the funding we have received from Breast cancer Ireland and the opportunity to conduct high quality research into breast cancer. Please visit the Breast Cancer Ireland website to support this worthy charity, donate and learn more: www.breastcancerireland.com/

Science Foundation Ireland has enabled the Endocrine Oncology Research Goup to conduct our research investigating the molecular interactions linking developmental biology and tumour progression. This research presents a mechanistic context for the ability of a tumour to adapt to its environment and evade therapy. This funding from SFI has allowed our group to identify a transcriptional co‐activator protein, SRC‐1, central to tumour responses. The group is now taking a translational approach to elucidating its signalling networks with a view to uncovering new biomarkers of aggressive disease. Please find further information at: www.sfi.ie/assets/files/researcher_files/young_leonie.pdf

We thank the Irish Cancer society for enabling us to conduct our extensive research into biomarkers of endocrine resistance and enabling us to real steps forward towards personliase medicine. To find out more, donate and support the charity, please visit: http://www.breastpredict.com