Current Lab Members

Professor Leonie Young

Prof. Young founded the Endocrine Oncology Research Group in RCSI. In 2010, Professor Young co-founded the National Breast Cancer Bioresource, which was established to standardise the collection of breast cancer material for the designated cancer hospitals throughout Ireland. To date, in collaboration with Cancer Trials Ireland (ICORG), the Breast Cancer Bioresource has collected over 1,000 fresh frozen and serum samples from patients with corresponding clinical data.

Fiona Bane                       Lab Manager, Research Associate

Sinead Cocchiglia             Lab Manager, Research Associate

Lance Hudson                   Research Associate

Damir Varešlija, PhD         Research Fellow

Sara Charmsaz, PhD          Research Fellow

Petra Jagust, PhD              Postdoctoral researcher

Mihaela Ola, PhD               Postdoctoral researcher

Daniela Ottaviani, PhD       Postdoctoral researcher

Nicola Cosgrove                  Graduate Student

Preeti Borde                        Graduate Student

Stephen Keeley                       Graduate Student

Clinical Team

Prof Arnold Hill, Surgeon

Aisling Hegarty, Nurse Manager

Andrew Embley, Research Nurse

Recent Alumni

Benjamin Roux, PhD          Postdoctoral researcher

Karen Crowley                    Graduate Student

Michael Flanagan                Graduate Student

Siobhan Purcell                  Research Technician

Ben Doherty, PhD              Graduate Student

Brendan Ffrench, PhD        Postdoctoral researcher

Elspeth Ward, PhD             Graduate Student

Alacoque Browne, PhD       Graduate Student

Ailis Fagan, PhD                   Postdoctoral researcher

Ricardo Marques, PhD        Postdoctoral researcher

Jean McBryan, PhD              Postdoctoral researcher

Christopher Byrne, PhD       Postdoctoral researcher