Leonie-YoungDr Leonie Young

Associate Professor

Dr. Leonie Young  leads the Endocrine Oncology Research Group  based at York House, RCSI, St Stephen’s Green. Dr Young graduated from Trinity College Dublin and completed her PhD training at University College Dublin in 1997. Since 2001, Dr Young has led the research group and in that time has published a number of papers in internationally peer reviewed scientific journals in addition to securing grant funding, most notably in the form of a Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator Programme award in 2008.

Marie-McIlroyDr Marie McIlroy

Postdoctoral Researcher

My research is focused on investigating associations and interactions between the coregulatory protein SRC-1 and HOXC11 in endocrine therapy resistant breast cancer.
Current grant funding from: Breast Cancer Campaign (UK) and the Health Research Board (HRB).


Dr Christopher Byrne

Postdoctoral Researcher

My research investigates the role of SRC-1 and related proteins in the development of drug resistance and metastasis. Using both traditional lab-based experiments and in vivo mouse models, I am helping develop a novel therapeutic peptide to target breast cancer metastasis. Current grant funding from Science Foundation Ireland

Paul-TibbitsMr Paul Tibbits

Research Associate

I work with protein co-activators and co-repressors (NCoR and SRC1) and having many years experience of Immunohistochemical techniques and clinical databases.  I am mostlly involved in translational work relating protein expression to impact on patient outcome and response to therapy.

Fiona-BaneMs Fiona T Bane

Research Associate

I am currently investigating the role of the p160 protein SRC-1 and transcription factor HOXC11 in endocrine therapy resistant breast cancer. Funding is provided by Breast Cancer Ireland.



Katherine (Karen) Keating

Biomarker Research Manager at Almac Diagnostics

Dr Katherine (Karen) Keating is the Product Development Team Manager at Almac Diagnostics. Karen is responsible for advancing the internal Product Development pipeline towards commercialization as well as leading the collaborative and externally funded Research and Development Programs at Almac Diagnostics. Karen also leads several service based biomarker discovery and development projects for Almac Diagnostics’ clients. Prior to commencing her role at Almac Diagnostics in 2009, Karen was the Research and Development Manager at EiRx Therapeutics.


Paul HarkinProfessor Paul Harkin

President & Managing Director, Almac Diagnostics

Professor Paul Harkin is the President and Managing Director of Almac Diagnostics. He was a founding member of the company in 2004 and has overall responsibility for the strategic, financial and operational leadership of the company. Paul is also a Professor in Molecular Oncology within the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology at Queen’s University Belfast. He has been a Research Fellow in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital where he developed his interest in personalized medicine.

Richard-KennedyRichard Kennedy

VP and Medical Director, Almac Diagnostics.

McClay Professor in Medical Oncology, Queens University. Belfast.

MD PhD specializing in biomarker development and drug target identification.
Head of the Stratified Medicines Research Group at the Center for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University of Belfast.

Stuart-McKenzieStuart McKenzie

Stuart studied molecular Biology at the University of Stirling and has been working with Almac diagnostics specializing in biomarker development and validation.

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